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Charcoal & Cinnamon Face Mask

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Arrowroot powder, aloe vera powder, charcoal activated, cinnamon powder, nutmeg, turmeric powder, lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil, cedarwood essential oil

With the wooden spoon provided, add 1-part dry mask to 1-part water, apple cider vinegar (with mother) or almond milk in a small bowl to form a paste. apply to a clean face, avoiding the eye area. Massage briefly in an upward direction. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes. rinse with warm water, pat dry, or use a wet & warm cloth.


Our 100% organic face masks are made for natural skin brightening. Try pairing an Organic Charcoal & Cinnamon Face Mask with your favorite moisturizer. We recommend our coconut coconut glow face butter or almond butter for this mask specifically.

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Weight .12 kg
Dimensions 12.06 × 5.08 × 19.7 cm

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