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Honey Glow Face Cleanser

Honey is natures most valued healer & cleanser for the skin.  Its antibacterial & kills the bacteria that cause acne, while reducing the appearance of scars. Its antioxidants & anti-microbial properties help protect, repair and prevent skin damage.  And if that’s not enough, it hydrates, soothes & calms, all while preventing premature wrinkles and increasing cell renewal.  Your skin will never feel the same again! It’s antibacterial:  It inhibits the growth of bacteria and helps wound heal faster thanks to its ability to to release hydrogen peroxide. It’s anti-inflammatory:  It reduces swelling, soothes pain & speeds up the healing process significantly.  This makes honey great for sunburn and treating acne. It’s an antioxidant: Antioxidants are molecules that fight the free radicals that cause harm in your body. Honey’s antioxidants help prevent premature wrinkles and lighten scars. It’s a humectant:  Humectants pull moisture from the air into the skin, keeping it hydrated and softer. It’s anti-microbial:  It protects your skin from micro-organisms like bacteria and fungi. It’s an exfoliate:  It exfoliates gently as it heals and improves skins tone. It minimizes pores:  Cleansing with honey removes blackheads and cleanses your pores. Its antioxidants and antibacterial properties hydrate and tighten your pores.