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Glow Face Bundle

Glow Honey Face Cleanser Honey is natures most valued healer & cleanser for the skin. Its antibacterial & kills the bacteria that cause acne, while reducing the appearance of scars. Its antioxidants & anti-microbial properties help protect, repair and prevent skin damage. And if that’s not enough, it hydrates, soothes & calms, all while preventing premature wrinkles and increasing cell renewal. Your skin will never feel the same again!   Glow Oil Purely Wraped Radiant Glow Face Oil is a super intensive moisturizer. It can be used for treating scars or moisturizing dry, irritated skin. Its made from pure botanicals and natural essential oils. Purely Wrapped Radiant Glow Face Oil is good for all skin types. This formula has multi-purpose pieces which add to its long list of benefits. It helps with skin tone and lessens the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes.

Citrus Lover’s Bundle

Ever thought about including grapefruit in your skincare routine? Grapefruit is rich in antioxidants, like beta carotene, lycopene & vitamin c, which fight free radicals, protect against sun damage & improve your skins overall tone. Our Grapefruit Sugar Scrub is a great way to exfoliate and reap the benefits of all that yummy grapefruit.   Coconut Lemon Whipped Body Butter is ultra moisturizing and smells like fresh coconut shavings and lemon wedges. Its very refreshing.

Coconut Lover’s Bundle

Coconut Lemon Body Scrub & Coconut Lemon Whipped Body Butter

Eczema & Glow Oil Bundle

Eczema Care Item & One Radiant Glow Face Oil

Coconut Lemon Bundle

Coconut Lemon Body Butter & Lemon Lip Butter

Sensitive Skin Bundle

One Eczema Care Item + One Pain Care Item

Lavender Bundle

Lavender Whipped Body butter + Coffee Body Wrap & Exfoliating Scrub