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Jasmine After Shave Balm

Jasmine After Shave Balm

At Purely Wrapped our goal is to provide our customers with organic skin care products, and that's what we did with our Jasmine After Shave Balm. Making sure to use organic skin products can be the difference between an amazing after shave and a normal after shave is as simple as the product. Our products only include all organic ingredients. Whats in our Jasmine After Shave Balm you ask? Lets take a look.


Below you will find a list of ingredients that we include in our Jasmine After Shave Balm. You can click on each ingredient to find out more information.

  • Shea Butter
  • Avocado Oil
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Jasmine Essential Oil

How to Apply

Apply a small amount of balm to shaved areas. Then massage in a circular motion until completely absorbed.

About Purely Wrapped

When this company was first started the goal was to provide our customers with an organic product that they could use and know each ingredient is safe to use. In today's world there are so many skin care products, but do you honestly know whats inside? That's why we make sure to be upfront with our products. When you purchase from Purely Wrapped your supporting a locally women owned business.

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