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Organic Skin Care For Eczema - What You Need To Know

Organic Skin Care For Eczema - What You Need To Know

We at Purely Wrapped are all about Organic skin care for eczema. Also known as "dermatitis," it is the most common skin disease in America. Over 18 million Americans currently have the skin disease, according to the National Eczema Association. The skin of a person with eczema can have scaly patches and lack moisture. Their symptoms could be itchiness, or they can have slightly irritated skin. It varies in symptoms from person to person, but there is no cure for eczema. Thusly, those with the disease simply seek a better way to live with its symptoms.

Non Organic Eczema Skin Care

The skin disease Eczema is a wide group of skin issues and it can be inherited and then developed during childhood. For those with it, having no cure means constant itching and keeping eczema lotion nearby. However, not many people know what is in these eczema lotions and non organic skin care for eczema products.

These products can contain:
  • Propylene Glycol is a powerful moisturizer, but can cause skin to itch even if you're not allergic.

  • Preservatives stop non organic skin care for eczema products from expiring. However, their side effects can be redness, itchiness, or flakiness to applied areas. Which can cause skin problems resembling eczema itself.

  • Topical steroids can cause a stinging or burning feeling at first use. Also, Topical steroids commonly cause skin thinning (cutaneous atrophy).
Mooresville NC Organic skin care for eczema
Children are more likely than adults to experience the health risks of topical steroids.

  • Topical steroids can cause capillaries to look like spider webs on skin (telangiectasia). Worst yet, children are more likely to absorb medication through their skin than adults. Thus, children are more prone to health risks these steroids can cause. This is due to thinner skin and larger surface-area-to-weight ratio than adults.

  • Benzyl alcohol is a main ingredient in Eucerin's non organic skin care for eczema products. It can both leave skin extremely dry and irritated. It strips skin of its natural protection and can cause inflammation.

Organic Skin Care For Eczema Facts

We at Purely Wrapped believe in and use only the best organic skin care for eczema ingredients. The above items do not fit this model. They makeup an eczema skin care routine that we would not recommend. At Purely Wrapped we focus only on added benefits, not side effects. For example, our organic skin care for eczema products list all of their ingredients "front and center" within our shop. The Purely Wrapped Facebook is also a great resource to learn more about us.

Still, here are just a few of the botanical products we use within our formula:
  • Roman chamomile essential oil is an anti-inflammatory that soothes skin. Also, it relaxes and moisturizes dry skin, and has hair care benefits.

  • Peppermint essential oil can help to reduce itching and dry skin.

  • Frankincense can help with pain, swelling, and heart disease. According to Webmd frankincense may treat Alzheimer's, cancer, and even liver disease. Note, the site does explain to readers that the research in backing these claims is lacking. We at Purely Wrapped encourage our friends and families to do their own research on anything they purchase, as we do the same. Especially, on items we intend to "consume."

Organic skin care for eczema
Try Purely Wrapped organic skin care for eczema products for outbreaks.

Shea butter is a common name in organic skin care for eczema and is an emollient:
  • Shea butter can help soften dry skin. Not to mention, Shea butter can add to skins smoothness with its anti-aging properties.

  • Do you have questions about Shea karite oil? Well, "karite" is actually the french word for "Shea butter"! Meaning, there's no reason to fret when visiting the Purely Wrapped shop. Our Shea karite oil has similar essential fatty acid percentages as raw Shea butter.

  • Cedar wood oil can act as an anti-inflammatory and soothe redness. Cedar wood oil also relieves itchiness, dryness, and can eliminate acne-causing bacteria. These properties alone make it a powerhouse for organic skin care for eczema. Cedar wood is also reputed to guard skin against toxins in the air and thusly lower the likeliness of future eczema outbreaks. This is due to Cedar wood regulating the oily secretion of the sebaceous glands and displaying a protective astringent property. We at Purely Wrapped live by this herbal product and its in our eczema formula.

The Right Choice In Skin Care

We care about organic skin care for eczema because, for us, it is a calling close to home. At Purely Wrapped we do not pretend to be doctors or research scientists. We are "crunchi" parents who want the best for our kids. Thus, we came to this conclusion; 100% organic skin care. We offer an alternative to skin care companies that don't actually care for your skin. Whether you're a parent, doctor, or individual, the "right choice" in skin care is an educated one. We at Purely Wrapped would love to help. Come see what our customers are raving about!

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