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Natural Skincare

Natural Skincare

Natural Skincare

To our community "natural skincare" is synonymous with PW. For years now we have sworn by our pain salves because our customers do the same. Families, friends, and shoppers across the country alike are beginning to see what we stand for. We at Purely Wrapped have a simple goal; to wrap the entire country in organic bliss. PW is all about being natural and transparent. In fact, we voice our thoughts just as we like our honey; raw. So, it may seem a lofty goal, but it's what we want and why our company was founded.

All Natural

Every product within our line of organic skincare is 100% natural. In fact, we refrained from creating our new Raw Honey Glow Face Cleanser until we found a honey supplier that understood our vision and treated their bees with the respect they deserve. What good is making the world a better place if you're not doing it for all the earth's creatures, right?

Why Go All Natural ?

When we first started Purely Wrapped 8 years ago, most of our customers were vegan mothers and those that were passionate about the organic lifestyle. However, nowadays a lot of our website visitors are those who have done research into the side effects of inorganic perfumes and chemicals use for other skincare. In fact, that's why we started the PW blog. Our goal is not just to wrap the world in organic bliss by getting our products in every consumer's hands. Our goal is to educate Americans on why organic skincare should be used by everyone. Most people don't know that many alcohol based eczema lotions create side effects akin to what their meant to treat.

Knowledge Is Power

Not everyone is aware that organic essential oil based pain salve exists. However, we are all aware of medications made for back pain and steroids that are "safe for our kids." There in lies the problem we at Purely Wrapped aim to resolve. Perhaps, you will leave this post and go straight to the Purely Wrapped shop to try all natural skincare for yourself. Awesome. However, that is not our goal in writing this blog post. If knowledge is power, then what is a person without the knowledge to make a good decision? Powerless.


Our formulas are not tested within government laboratories. Also, the FDA mandates that we cannot claim that essential oils will cure or treat ailments. However, our customers have their own words to say about what our products can do. In fact, all the Purely Wrapped google reviews say great things about our all natural skincare formulas. If you have not already done so, please check out our blog post on the experience of {CEO} Tyka Calloway's mother. She dealt with an issue that entirely sparked the creation of our small business.

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Questions On Natural Skincare?

Please, feel free to reach out to us if you have questions on anything within this post or on our line of organic products. We at Purely Wrapped are here to help change the way America thinks about skincare. In summation; yes, we're a skincare company that actually cares about skin and we hope to hear from many of you soon.

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